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Chef Sherimane

Sherimane Johnson

Chef Sherimane

Vegan Chef, Restauranteur & Transition Guide 

Baking is my first love. It’s what I do when I’m happy, when I’m stressed, and, in my opinion, an awesome gift that was passed down by my Elders.  My very first life-changing culinary experience in the kitchen was when my Grandma Eva made Pineapple Upsidedown cake in a cast-iron skillet.  Everything from scratch, no cake mix, no measuring spoons just pure love and alchemy. A magic that I have been completely obsessed with since the age of 5.

My life experiences have also taught me that delicious desserts can be made without animal products such as eggs and animal-based milks and butter.  We believe in protecting animals from harm, doing our part to practice sustainability, and delighting our customers with vegan deliciousness!!



Chef Sherimane

At NaturallySweet Desserts we use the love and obsession we have for baking and work our magic to create desserts that are low in cholesterol, free from processed sugars, flours, and preservatives.

Our focus is on quality, flavor, and nutrition. Get ready to experience the most delectable vegan desserts you have ever tasted. 100% Vegan. 100% Delicious